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The dermopigmentation

Dermopigmentation, a transformative technique, involves the infusion of specially formulated colored pigments into the skin, specifically within the dermal layer. This process is meticulously executed using a dermograph, a mechanical pen equipped with single-use needles. The primary objective of dermopigmentation is to enhance the appearance of both the face and body.

Dermopigmentation can be categorized into two distinct branches: aesthetic dermopigmentation  and Medical Dermopigmentation: Overcoming Scars and Restoring Confidence.

Aesthetic Dermopigmentation, often referred to as "permanent makeup," is a method employed to achieve a consistently polished appearance around the clock.

Unlike conventional tattoos, this technique employs certified bioresorbable pigments specifically designed for delicate areas of the skin, allowing for gradual adjustments to the treated regions over time.

It's worth noting that the pigments I utilize are rigorously certified, dermatologically tested, sterile, and entirely free of heavy metals.

On the other hand, Medical dermopigmentation serves a vital purpose in concealing various imperfections. This includes camouflaging scars resulting from mastectomy and mastoplasty surgeries, addressing issues like uneven eye pigmentation, cleft lips, concealing scars from facelift procedures, tackling vitiligo, and addressing a wide range of other medical conditions.

Furthermore, within the realm of dermopigmentation, there exists a specialized technique known as tricopigmentation, which is tailored to address specific hair-related concerns. This refined approach to dermopigmentation underscores the importance of precision, safety, and specialized knowledge in the field. Tricopigmentation: Natural Hair Restoration is also a specialization placed in this field.

Who Am I

I'm an unapologetic perfectionist. Driven by love, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to continuous learning, I approach each day with the sole aim of bringing a satisfied smile to those who place their trust in me. 

None of us will leave this room until we are both content..

It’s the mantra I recite when I stand before a valued customer.

I am devoted to staying updated, attending classes and learning from the world's best professionals in the field, as I firmly believe that the greatest adversary of knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowing.

My passion for dermopigmentation and the eyelash extension tookrootin 2011, and since then, I have been tirelessl y workingin the beauty industry. I provide expert guidance as a freelance professional, collaborating with doctors' offices and aesthetic centers across Italy.

"As an old saying goes, 'Who makes you smile unknowingly saves your life.' Indeed, giving a smile is not just healthy for the soul; it's a true gift."

Dermopigmentazione Roma - Seduta in Studio

- In 2011, I earned a Master Training and Eyelash Extension Certificate at the Xtreme Lashes Academy.

- In 2012, I achieved the Precision Master certification at the Biotek Academy.

- In 2013, I completed the Concealer Evolution program at the Biotek Institution.

- In 2014 I obtained a Master of Eyebrow Techniques for Women and Men at the Biotek Institution.

In the same year, I also acquired expertise in Reconstructive Depigmentation of Scars and Mammary Areola under the guidance of Cristiana Causo at Biotek.

- Further enhancing my skills in 2014, I mastered the “Volumation” technique at the Xtreme Lashes Academy.

- In 2015, I excelled in the art of “Dark Circles Camouflage” through specialized training at Anna Savina’s Make-up University.

- My commitment to excellence continued in 2016 when I achieved the prestigious title of Master Elite for Eyelash Extension at the Xtreme Lashes Academy.

- In the same year, I honed my expertise in Tricopigmentation  at the Monica Secca Institute.

- I further expanded my knowledge in 2016 by mastering Pmu Correction and Removal at the Ecuri Institute.

- In 2017, I delved into the art of Shaded Eyeliner at Biotek.

- The year 2017 also saw me excel in Eyebrows Worldwide at the Derma MEDICA.

- My commitment to perfection continued in 2017 as I gained proficiency in Camouflage and Colorimetry at Biotek.

- In 2018, I earned the prestigious Gloss Lips Diploma at the Biotek Academy.

- The same year, I mastered the U-Flat Eyebrowsechnique with Klowowsky at the Biotek Academy.

- In 2018, I delved into the intricacies of Realistic Natural Eyebrows under the guidance of Dora Marcano at Biotek.

- The year 2018 also witnessed my expertise in Bio-needling as a Specialist Master with Reliftalia at the Biotek Academy.

- In 2019, I deepened my knowledge by completing the Fundamental Knowledge of Permanent Make-up program at Aleksey Khvesenya’s Tattoo Religion Institute.

- Finally, in 2020, I perfected the art of Lash Lift-Lamination Eyelash  through the Neyes Lashes Academy.

"Who makes you smile unknowingly saves your life”


And to add to this wisdom, I believe that:

“To give a smile is not only healthy for the soul, but it also brightens the world”

Auricolotheraphy is an alternative therapeutic practice that involves stimulating the ear with the aim of benefiting other areas of the body. The ear is a unique microcosm that reflects the organs, glands, and bone structures within the body. This holistic approach offers various benefits, including the alleviation of chronic pain, addressing weight issues, improving sleep patterns, and helping individuals overcome dependencies on smoking or alcohol.


La dermopigmentazione è la soluzione che permette di esaltare armoniosamente il viso e correggere discromie e inestetismi come occhiaie, cicatrici ect.. Viene eseguita con un dermografo collegato a sottilissimi aghi monouso ed è creato appositamente per zone molto delicate.

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