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Micro-needling: Rejuvenation Without Surgery

Micro-needling is a rejuvenating treatment for both the face and body, known for delivering excellent results and a potent lifting effect without the need for surgical intervention. This procedure swiftly diminishes wrinkles, reduces enlarged pores, addresses acne-related scars, and minimizes stretch marks.

The process involves stimulating the dermis's deeper layers using a specialized pen connected to micro-needles, facilitating deep exfoliation and activating various cellular repair processes. This, in turn, encourages the regeneration of collagen and elastin, which tend to diminish as we age.

Examples of Our Work

Examples of Our Work

Clearing some doubts

What Can I Expect After the Session?

Following the session, you may experience some redness that typically subsides by the next day. Subsequently, you'll notice significant skin exfoliation, leaving your face and décolleté with a radiant glow reminiscent of your youthful days.

Is it Painful?

Yes, you may feel slight discomfort during the procedure, which can be alleviated with a desensitizing cream, such as Pliaglis or Elma, for your comfort.

How many sessions are required to see result?

While you'll begin to see results within the first week, it's important to note that multiple sessions tend to yield more pronounced and enduring outcomes.

How Much Time Should Elapse Between Each Session?

Ideally, a minimum of 30 days is required between sessions to allow the epidermis sufficient time for regeneration.

When can I apply make-up?

You can apply makeup immediately after the procedure.

Initial Consulting

Before proceeding with any treatment, I offer an initial consultation to assess your specific concerns and provide detailed explanations regarding the procedures and expected results.

I Travel to you!

In addition to serving clients in Rome and Florence, I collaborate as a freelance practitioner with plastic surgeons and beauty centers nationwide and internationally. If you are unable to visit me, I am available to meet you at your preferred location.

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